Common Garden Insect Pest

10  Common Garden Insect Pest and how to Control

Grapeleaf Skeletonizer Leaf Skeletonizer- common-garden-insect-pests
Grapeleaf Skeletonizer

As a landscape and garden professional for the past 25 years I have worked both outdoors and on the interior and a common thing I have discovered is the presence of garden insect pests that can become a real nuisance. I have worked on many beautiful garden projects and have seen that even in the most best-kept gardens insect pests will invade.

When garden insect pests show up at our doorsteps or should I say in our gardens we should treat them immediately when spotted. But in order to treat them, we must first identify them to employ the proper measures to eradicate them. There are many chemicals on the market which can be used to combat garden insect pest however, we must be very careful when handling these pesticides because if mishandled can cause more damage than good.

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Insect Growth Regulators

Understanding insect growth regulators and how to use them

Black Ants-insect-growth-regulator
Black Ants

The insect world is so vast, seeking to know all about them and their numbers will blow your mind, they are so diverse and many of them can adapt to the most unforgivable conditions. The presence of insects is and an indication that they are seeking food, shelter, and water but they can become a nuisance and if not brought under control can cause major damage.

It has been said that for every single human upon the planet there are more than 1 million insects which means that the insect world is vast and they outnumber us by far but not too worry as I often say there won’t be and invasion and if there ever is one which is unlikely we have the upper hand on them.

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Hibiscus Gall Midge

Controlling this Garden Pests

Hibiscus Flowers-hibiscus-gall-midge
Hibiscus Flowers

The hibiscus is a subtropical-tropical plant, this flowering beauty belongs to the mallow family Malvaceae. The hibiscus species are quite large, in fact, there are several hundred to choose from which produce stunning flowers that come in an array of colors. These perennials will provide your garden each year with beautiful flower bloom.

The bonus of using these plants as a part of your garden and landscape designs is hibiscus also attracts hummingbirds and butterflies and will have your garden oasis buzzing with activity. Hibiscus can grow up to as much as 15 ft, loves slightly acidic soil that is moist, loves the full sun and prefers a fertilizer that is high in potassium to promote flower bloom.

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Disease Of Tomatoes

Keys to Growing Healthy Tomatoes

Whether you’re growing tomatoes from your garden or from containers these fruits are delicious and will flavor your favorite salads and recipes giving that WOW. Not only will you be enjoying the flavors these fruits bring but the healthy side which is so beneficial to our health but what can put a damper on reaping a harvest is tomatoes which contract a disease.

All of that hard work will be paid off so don’t despair despite your tomatoes has disease issues you can still reap a harvest by following these methods as you nurse your tomato plants back to good health. Here are diseases to keep an eye on including how to treat them.

Disease of tomatoes-disease-of-tomato
Disease of tomatoes

Disease of Tomatoes

  • Early Blight
  • Dumping Off
  • Late Blight
  • Septoria Leaf Spot
  • Blossom Drop
  • Anthracnose
  • Sunscald
  • Mosaic Virus
  • Tomato Bacterial Diseases
  • Blossom-End Rot
  • Fusarium and Verticillium Wilt

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How To Get Rid Of Ants In The Garden

Natural ways to get rid of ants in the garden

Ants-how -to-get-rid-of-ants-in-the-garden

Ants are busy little insects that seem to be always involved in some sort of activity whether it’s looking for food, building a nest or doing some other form of work we can be assured that these tiny insects are on the go continually. There are many species of ants that can be found in our homes and the home garden.

The presence of ants shows that they are doing their part in bringing balance to our ecosystem, even if that means invading our gardens and landscapes. The downside to their presence is that there is a species of ants known as the fire ants which can deliver a painful bite besides causing other issues.

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