Winter Mulching Tips

Using Mulches in Cold Climate Gardens

Winter Mulching Tips-bark-mulch
Bark mulch

The use of mulches in the landscape and gardens serves many purposes, besides being used for beautification, suppressing weeds, conserving moisture, increasing microbial activity, keeping the soil temperature cool, helping to adjust the soil’s ph, adding nutrients, and helping to build soils mulches are also used to protect the roots of garden plants during the winter months.

If you haven’t already now is the time to use this all-natural material that has so many benefits. This way of gardening is smart and has proven to be effective in maintaining plants. Here’s what to consider when preparing your garden plants for the cold months ahead.

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Using Coffee Grounds In The Garden

Gardening Made Better with Coffee Grounds

Using Coffee Ground In the Garden-coffee-ground
Coffee Ground

A hot beverage that starts the morning of right which so many persons enjoy is a nice cup of coffee. The aroma of a fresh brew of coffee will excite your taste buds as you have a cup satisfying the soul.

But after you have finished drinking that fresh brew of coffee why throw away the grounds when your garden plants can benefit from this natural organic that has proven to work wonders.

Coffee grounds are a gardener’s gold so why trash the gold when this treasure can be used to promote the health of your garden plants.

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Using Ice Cubes to Water Orchids

Giving Your Orchid Plants a Chilling Experience

Using Ice Cubes To Water Orchids-orchid-plants
Beautiful orchid plants

One of the challenges that many persons face is giving their plants the right amount of water whether watering plants that are directly grown in the ground or from containers many plants have suffered at the hands of those who are inexperienced.

Water is one of the key components to the survival of garden plants but if applied incorrectly such as under or overwatering can cause issues. I have heard statements over the years by persons saying they killed their plant either by giving too much water or just not having a green thumb.

If you’ve had this experience and would love to keep your plants looking as beautiful growing healthy just as you first brought them from your plant nursery then continue reading.

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Using Paper In The Garden

7 Ways to Use Shredded Paper in the Garden

Using shredded Paper in The Garden-shredded-paper
Shredded Paper

What I love about organic gardening is the amount of money that can be saved while going all-natural ensuring that our garden plants are getting what they need without any side effects such as food contamination.

Sure there are many types of organics that are costly but then there are also other organic materials that are inexpensive and some you don’t have to spend a dime on.

For example, we all love to keep up with the news finding out information about what’s happening in society or around the world, now I will agree that radios and the television are great to keep us informed by the airwaves but besides these devices, there are also newspapers that can keep us just as informed.

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Using Cardboard in the Garden

A Junk that can be Turned into a Treasure

Using Cardboard In The Garden-a-cardboard-box
A cardboard box

There is an old saying that “one mans junk is another man’s treasure” which is so true and in fact, one mans junk can save us some trouble along with time and a few extra bucks as well.

There are so many ways to have success in gardening going the cheap and easy way which makes sense, how do we accomplish it. By thinking outside of the box

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